Under the Ploom


The Band Marching lot in the mornings after the band’s daily stretches to get ready for the day.

When the Wolf football team heads to the locker room for half time, a mad scurry takes place on the sidelines as the award winning Wolf Band sets up for their much anticipated marching show.  Beginning in August, musicians and dancers train, learn music, choreography, and drills, all for the opportunity to entertain the home crowd.

Life can take a turn and you never thought it would…We struggle to see the light. Just a Glimmer of Hope, now and then. But then it fades out of sight.”

— The announcer speaks...

While the show, “A Glimmer of Hope”, is still in the process of work and is very fresh, there has been lots of effort that has come to this point and lots of bad farmer tans. From the beginning of August to the first day of school, the work ethic begins as the Members of the Band work from 7:30A.M. – 3:00P.M. on every weekday.

There is usually a demanding amount of hours put into marching and playing almost everyday for the month of August,  but the amount of work and built relationships is shown to be worth it to students.

The freshmen get a lot of work done and also adapt to the skill of marching. Also having all my friends really makes band worth it.”

— Alejandra Salirossa, a new freshmen marcher of the Wolf Band

After the summer ends students are also expected to go to practice at least twice a week for sectionals and also for full band to improve more and more on the show that is in the near future a spectacular moment. While there is always something to improve on, the students manage to learn some of the best experiences from the well known organization.