Westside’s Inertia Dance Company’s 20th Circle Jam


Aidan Vu, Editor, Writer & Photographer

Intertia 20th Circle Jam Poster Information from the Inertia Dance Company twitter.Westside’s Intertia Dance Company is hosting the 20th Circle Jam on January 25th at Westside High School. Inertia dancers will be able to display their skills and talents to a line of judges. These judges are experienced dancers who will also present their dancing abilities. There are two battles in this event, one called “Break’N” and the other called “Hip-Hop”. “Break’N” will be judged by Palmer, Carnarus, and D-Tex. “Hip-Hop” will be judged by Marion, Kenny, and Ceddy B.. The admissions are $10 and the doors will open at 12 P.M. with preliminaries starting at 1 P.M.. There will also be cash prizes for the winners of this event. Westside Wolves come attend the Inertia Dance Company’s 20th Circle Jam and watch the talent of these dancers performing.