Westside’s Pride Dance Team virtual auditions


Aidan Vu, Editor, Writer

Pride Dance Team Audition Poster
credited to Westside’s twitter account

Westside’s Pride Dance Team is now holding virtual auditions to be part of their group from April 13th to April 24th. Usually. Pride auditions would be held in the main gym at Westside High School. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s auditions will be held virtually. Pride Hopefuls, which are people who are trying out for the team, must turn in an audition tape on the Google Classroom. It should, but not required, demonstrate the basic foundation of dance knowledge, such as technique and counting music. Some skills, such as pirouettes, leaps and facials, can benefit you in your chances. Hopefuls should dance to the best of their ability in whatever space they have at home.

These tapes will be reviewed only by the judges, in which includes the Pride team’s director, Ms. Emert, and other dance experts. The board will score the dancers in different categories, including technique, facials, and musicality. Teacher recommendations and grades also play a major role of the overall score of the dancer. There is not a set number of girls that can be on the team as the size fluctuates through the year. It depends on the number of girls who audition and the decision of the director.

A current member of the Pride Dance Team, Paris Madrid, advises: “Do not be afraid to ask questions as you learn the audition process. Stretch extensively before taping to be able to display your skills to your fullest. Breathe before and during filming to remain calm. Practice as much as possible to better memorize the routine and to be able to showcase all your talent. Try your best and do not get discouraged, you will do great. Remember, first impressions are everything.”

A question to consider for many girls who are not sure if they want to audition is: why should I join the Pride Dance Team? Pride is a really close knitted and fun organization of talented young girls who express their love of dancing. They are able to perform at football games, basketball games, pep rallies, and sometimes even larger events. They also compete in state and national competitions. It is overall, an amazing experience that teaches discipline, friendship, and a way to exhibit yourself through a form of art.

The source of this information is credited to Paris Madrid, who is a member of the Pride Dance Team.