What is STUCO?

Katherine Grijavala (Newtown ES)


Ashley Rivas, Writer

Westside’s Student Council (STUCO) consists of selected students who help the community and the student body. They do this by helping with student activities such as fundraisers or sponsoring the food drives such as the one that Westside’s STUCO is having On Monday, November 16th. Which is available both in the face to face school and virtual school. You can stay updated on the STUCO’s activities by checking up on Westside’s E-news page.

This month our Student Council has decided to partner up with the PTO for a couple of events, one of them being the “Staff Appreciation event”, which is where students send off letters cherishing their favorite teachers. They will begin working on the cards this weekend and plan to send them out before the Thanksgiving Holiday. They will also be having a Thanksgiving Food Drive partnering with the PTO, HOSA, BPA, and WEGA. This food drive will begin on November 16th as I said earlier all the way till November 20th. If you’d like to donate and are in face-to-face school you could donate to the student support center or the welcome desk or if you’d like to donate even though you attend school virtually you can donate by coming through a drive-thru.

It is nice to see the Student council doing things to make our staff feel the appreciation they deserve. I also wanted to say thank you to The Student Council President, Amy Garcia,  for providing the information in this story. Every single one of the STUCO’s members is very hardworking and are deeply appreciated by the students and staff.

For more information about Westside’s  Student Council visit their site:  https://sites.google.com/online.houstonisd.org/whs-studentcouncil/stuco-20-21?authuser=0

Or contact STUCO advisor, Meg Willett, [email protected]