Cancelled shows due to the virus


I have been binging so many shows during quarantine it broke my heart to see so many of my favorite shows have been canceled due to Covid,  And i’m sure i’m not the only one who feels like this. Being stuck at home with nothing left to do left us with no choice but to watch Tv. As I started binging more and more shows I became more emotionally attached just to find out…..the show is getting cancelled. Like nooooo this is the time to keep shows running since people now have much more free time. Not saying that we don’t care about of favorite actors safety but it’s just so sentimental to lose a show like cmon 🙁 .

Popular shows such as The Society, Glow, and  I am not Okay with this, etc have been canceled and are yet to be miracally renewed But we still have not lost any hope. I decided to ask my friend Sarah Praxedes , another Sophomore from another school,  how she felt about this since she also loves binging shows and she said,” I feel frustrated! The truth is, I watch shows to take my mind off of things/reality and to have some of my favorite shows be cancelled is super frustrating because now I have to face reality and all its flaws”. As you can see from a personal point of view shows can help teenagers and people of all ages relax and forget about any stressful things in their life.  I Hope that by the time Covid is no longer a problem they will decide to possibly renew these shows  and make these fans happy again.

Not only have some series been completely canceled but many movies have halted production due to the pandemic seeing as how the virus can easily spread through large crowds and we all know it takes a lot of people to make a movie. I really hope that we can overcome this pandemic by the middle of next year so that we can see some of our favorite shows in action again.