Staff Pick: Grand Army

Looking for Thanksgiving break show binges? Our latest Staff Pick fits the bill.

Have you heard of the show called Grand Army? Grand Army has arrived on Netflix and has been one of the most popular shows since. Grand Army is about high school teens and the hardships and chaos they face living in Brooklyn such as racism, poverty, homophobia, and much more including a bomb. The life of these students includes many things students face all around the world and are going through.

There are many characters in the story and each gives insight into the hardships they face in high school. A character named Joey deals with the hardships of being a rape victim by her own friends. Dominque faces hardships trying to take care of her family financially wise while remaining at school and trying to pursue her career. Leila deals with the changes in high school and how it can impact a person. Jackson experiences racism and its effect on him and his friends around him. After a bombing near the school, Sid discovers the stereotypes people create of his culture and people who look like him. He deals with sexual confusion and after finally realizing he is gay his family is homophobic and does not support him. The hardships the students face rise protests and many life-changing decisions.

I would definitely recommend this show to anyone specifically anyone in high school! This show was an eye-opener to what highschool students face all around the world. It keeps the audience interested while conveying its message.  This movie focuses on many hardships that others wouldn’t talk about. Many students at Westside can relate to this movie and their experiences such as racism or homophobia. There are various parts and anyone can relate to what they are currently experiencing or have experienced. It includes serious and real experiences from students and many can watch this show and be moved by its various messages it includes. Overall this show has been one of the best shows I have watched and its message is very powerful.

Grand Army

Produced by Westward

Distributed by Netflix

Airing Season 1

Common Sense Media recommendations: Ages 16+ Contains: adult situations