Inertia’s Auditions Go Virtual

Haadiya Meriam Al-Awady, Writer

COVID-19 has sure disrupted many events, especially school. No one can be within six feet of each other and as of April 22, 2020, in Harris Country, it is now mandatory for everyone to wear a mask outside if you’re over the age of ten for the next thirty days! However, that won’t stop incoming freshman or underclassmen at Westside High School from having the opportunity to audition for Westside High School’s legendary, diverse and unbeatable dance team, Inertia! This year, unfortunately, auditions will not be held at school in person, it will be held online. Almost like auditioning for an agency overseas!

How to audition? Let’s make it known! The whole audition process will be held within Google Classroom, where you will be taught a dance and then submit a video of you dancing, you don’t have to film in a studio! The girls must wear a leotard with tights and dancer footwear like ballet shoes or jazz shoes, and the boys must wear sweatpants and sneakers (tight clothing is strongly encouraged). Tie up your hair and don’t wear any jewelry! The code to join the Google Classroom is 4umkkjk and the auditions will be held throughout May 11 – 15 2020. From May 11-13, the dance clinic will be available from 4:30 – 6: 30 PM where you can learn the dance (you may not record), on May 14 it’ll be a review day, and on May 15, all paperwork and tryout videos will need to be submitted to Google Classroom by 9 PM. Concerning the paperwork, you will need to fill out the application provided and a copy of your most recent report card.

How will I be scored? 80 points – judges from various schools/dance programs in Houston will judge you based on your memory, technique and more. 20 points – your grades will be looked into, Google form submissions will be looked into, and maintaining correct dress attire for the video submission will be considered. Results will be posted on May 18 at 9 AM on Scores are not up for discussion, but if you’re interested in feedback, you are able to request an individual meeting with the directors. If you are a dancer that is selected, there will be a mandatory “New Team Meeting” at Westside High School in Room S100 (no date is set yet). You may visit Inertia’s website for additional details on the things to consider before trying out for the team, what exactly an Inertia member is expected of when apart of the team, and the important dates/costs for the new 2020-2021 members!

Considering how much focus, time, energy and effort goes towards both education and dance together, it is indeed tough and requires commitment to be an Inertian. Knowing this, I couldn’t imagine how the senior members of Inertia must feel after accomplishing four years with a team they love, and aren’t able to give final goodbyes to their dance coaches and team members. This is what Inertia member, Yildiz Ulugun has to say. “As a senior on the team, I feel horrible that the year has come to an end like this. I was looking forward to performing at my last and final Inertia concert and to inspire my younger members. It is very sad that I won’t be able to experience the usual traditions, but I am overall happy that I got to make memories of a lifetime that I will never forget.”

As a supporter of Westside High School and Inertia, I encourage you to do your upmost best and remain appropriate when auditioning. I’m sure the Inertia directors and judges are eager and looking forward to seeing the skills and passion that everyone has for dancing and the push everyone is willing to take in order to become apart of the team. Break a leg! – Not literally!