The return of Westside’s band


Photo Credited to: Westisde's E-News

A portion of the Wolf Band returns playing for the Westisde’s varisty football’s game against Chavez. (From right to left the students are: Alejandro Estrada, Estevan Villagrana Ocasio, and Bjorn Wessels)

2019-2020 Marching band season
Bjorn Wessels (Photo credited to: whswolfband on instagram)

Westside’s notorious Wolf Band, like the rest of the fine arts, have transitioned to a virtual schedule, however, their return in playing for crowds may come sooner than expected. The marching band had always brought extensive levels of school spirit, entertainment, and a sense of belonging for the audiences. This has been absent in the early games of the football season but have gone through the appropriate measures in bringing at least a portion of their band back into football games.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wolf Band practiced rigorously for every football game. Students would practice from 3:45 PM to 6:45 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, certain sections such as percussion and color guard would have their own independent practices on Mondays. The training would involve doing fundamentals, exercising, and improving specific sets.

A look into how virtual band works.
(Credited: Karley McCommas (10th))


As schools are being taught virtual, the structure of band has completely altered. Students in band have to follow and practice along with their director through a screen. Each individual runs through their sheet music with the director on a one-on-one basis. Marching band practices in-person were tested recently with only section leaders during Westside’s varsity football game against Chavez on October 17th. This led to the basis of only 20 members being able to play during future games, not the entire band.

COVID-19 has taken the clubs and fine arts that represented Westside. The Wolf Band played a major role in defining our school, especially at football games. Even though the entirety of the band may not be present, Westside’s school spirit will surely still be revitalized as it once was before.