South 1 Mural Project


Chadwick Gray

South 1 mural project created by Mr. Gray’s second period painting students.

Before we left school, Mr. Gray’s second period painting students created a beautiful mural in the South 1 hall.  Sharing the message of “Westside Creators” this strong piece demonstrates, color, and life for our students, during and after their time as Westside Wolves.

The mural was painted by underlass artists Jocellin Cruz (11), Frida Mitterhofer (11), Kevin Rodriguez Fumero (10), Itzel Sosa (9), Anum Tayyab (11), and  Sepiden Owlad (11).  And by seniors Riley Johnson, Muskan Manzoor, and Alicia Coppedge.

Excited to have left this beautiful artwork as a legacy to her time at Westside, Alicia Coppedge described her that her motivation for creating the mural was to “brighten the halls of Westside, and to make a name for the art program.“The piece show a hand holding a brush, this simple brush takes you into a work of creativity opening the hall up to a world of endless possibility.” 


“The feeling of knowing that I left my mark on this school in a way that can be enjoyed by eyes of many fresh new minds is incredible, because I can now leave this school knowing that I impacted students to understand the meaning and importance of being creative.”

– Alicia Coppedge (12)