The rise of K-Pop- News Story




K-Pop (Korean Pop) is a popular genre that originated from South Korea.  This is influenced by styles and  genre’s  from around the world. For example, rock, jazz, hip hop and R&B music. In 1992 Seo Taiji, Yang Hyun- Suk, Lee Juno, formed a K-Pop musical group.  The group first debuted on MBC’s   talent show on April 11th, 1992.  With their song ” Nan Arayo” ( I Know) ,  this song may have gotten the lowest rating from their judges, but their song  became a huge success hit.

After the song ” I Know” debuted, it went up to the  top of South Korea’s single  charts. From a record for smashing 17 weeks. Which would stand for more than 15 years on the No.1 streak in Korea’s music  history. The song “I know represented American Pop, and had been combined together with South Korean  pop culture.  Some of today’s popular  South Korean bands are BTS,  Stray Kids, Black pink , EXO and GOT7, Big Bang.

K-Pop became popular in U.S in 2009 when a girl group called ” BoA and Wonder Girls released their hit singles “So Hot” and “Nobody” in the United States. Wonder Girl single  “Nobody” was charted at Seventy-six on the American Billboard Hot 100. This made them the first South Korean girl group to hit the chart in America. Todays K-Pop is a Global sensation because of YouTube.  YouTube gave them a great opportunity and a bigger audience for people all around the world to see their talents and grew into idols. K-pop taught me to have more confidence in myself, be unique, have your own styles and opinions. Also, just by listening to music you can feel the warmth and happiness, joy, and  it makes you want get up and dance for a long time.