Are You Ready for College?

As a senior in high school, I have many worries about what my college experience will entail. Recently the school I’m going to be attending, The University of North Texas, emailed me a link to an app that has totally changed my mindset for the upcoming year. This app is called “Schools App” by TargetX and it has numerous ways to interact with incoming freshmen and to learn things from upperclassmen or teachers.

In this app, you get to create a profile describing the year you plan to graduate, your residence hall, and your major. After all of that, you can provide a little description of some of your favorite hobbies and other interests. Once all of that is done you’re ready to find new people!

There are numerous ways to meet new people, you can search by hometown, major, residence hall, and a few other things. By splitting up the way to find people, it makes it easier to find people that you can connect with. I’ve already found some friends in my major which helps to alleviate some of the stresses I have about my upcoming school year.

UNT isn’t the only school featured in this app, Target X advertises that “Schools App is the official community at many colleges and universities such as Syracuse University, University of Oregon, UCLA, Stony Brook University, Northwest Arkansas Community College, Pace, University of Denver, Columbia College Chicago, Gonzaga, California College of the Arts, Samford University, UCSB, and many, many more.” This makes this app an easy way to get your college experience started before even going to orientation.