Woman’s discrimination in Westside STEM


STEM or, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,  formally as, Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology; is used to group together these academic disciplines. Exposing students to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, many leaders hope students have a passion for it and, hopefully, even pursue a job in the STEM field.Image result for stem

In Fact, Westside Highschool has a STEM program and the founder’s name is Laurie Schlaudt. She started a degree in mechanical engineering and then decided to be work in“Shell” from 1984 to 1991. She later came to Westside Highschool in the year 2013-4 and that’s when she became the STEM director.

She was first introduced to STEM from her high school math teacher and was recommended for an all-girls summer camp program for STEM where she and many other girls met woman engineers who displayed engineering products.

When asking her was STEM more of a male based job then female work she answered and said “While STEM is more men based women are making more of a comeback in the STEM field.

When asking why aren’t many girls in STEM she said: “they’ve tried to bring up girls but girls sometimes they don’t like the nature of the work and sometimes it depends on personalities of the workers both male and female.” When I asked her what did she mean by this she stated that “Some people can’t handle being straight forward In a certain position a social person may sometimes feel bored at times.”

Many girls have to get used to being in a class filled with boys and sometimes only one girl will be in a room full of men and if you’re not comfortable in a male environment then you won’t last, you have to think your an equal. Lastly, sometimes STEM can come off too educational and push people away but often you never see them showcase some lines of work that deal with things like traveling; STEM is a tool and if you properly learn how to use it you’ll be successful.