Climate change has struck Westside


Bailee Jackson, Writer

It’s easy for us to blame others for the current problems facing our environment, but I believe it’s time Westside took a look in the mirror. At Westside High school, as most students are aware, some classrooms are, in Mr. Spence’s words “painfully cold”. While we may view this as a minor inconvenience, according to environmental science teacher Mr. Spence, it’s contributing to climate change. “Air conditioning is the largest uses of energy” and as we all know, our air conditioning comes indirectly from the burning of fossil fuels which has been scientifically proven to be a major factor in climate change.

Air conditioning isn’t the only problem, as Mr. Spence stated “electricity, as well as air conditioning, are the biggest uses of electricity which obviously comes from coal, and oil which releases CO2 into the atmosphere” In the race to save our planet, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. Things we take for granted such as lights, and AC may seem harmless, but in the long run create a huge problem for our planet. Westside needs to join the green movement, and fight for our earth.