Staff Pick: Conan Gray


Conan Gray

Riley Johnston

Conan Gray is a 19-year-old musical artist and Youtuber from Austin, Texas. He just recently released a few songs from his new album (“Crush Culture”, “Generation Why”) that will be coming out soon. Conan has nearly 1,000,000 subscribers on Youtube.

I am obsessed with Conan Gray. His voice and lyrics are beautiful and his music has such a unique sound, sort of similar to that of Lana Del Ray. On Sunday, October 28, Conan performed at the House of Blues Bronze Peacock in Downtown Houston, and I got the opportunity to see him perform live and even meet him! He opened with his latest release from his new album, a song titled “Crush Culture.” The song is about how expected and hyped up it is for people to be in relationships. Between each song, Conan would engage with the crowd by telling stories and accepting gifts.

After the show, Conan announced that he’d be standing at the merch line to sign things and meet people. Conan stayed until me and my girlfriend, the last two people in line, had left with an autograph, a lovely conversation, and a hug. He was so incredibly sweet and genuine and my experience meeting him surpassed that of any other celebrity.

I strongly recommend you to go listen to Conan’s music (available on Spotify and Apple Music), or if that’s not your thing, check out his content on Youtube. He is a wonderful human being who deserves all the love and support in the world.