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  • October 17Make sure to grab a Homecoming contract from the Welcome Desk! You can't go without a signed contract.

  • October 17Wear your Astros gear tomorrow in support of our team!

  • October 17A cold front has blown in bringing temperatures in the 50s. Brrr!

  • October 3FAFSA applications are open NOW, so be sure to get your application submitted as soon as possible!

  • October 3Underclassmen, the PSAT is right around the corner. Oct. 24th so start studying now!

Ruth “Swim” Ferron

Ruth Ferron is a Senior and this is her fourth year as a contributor and her third year as an editor for The Howler News.

Ruth is on Westside's varsity tennis team and is in the Chemistry Club. She enjoy listening to music and misses the That 70's show. Her humor is considered "as dry as a desert". She is a Capricorn and enjoys being the leader of the group. She wishes to attend the University of North Texas and Major in environmental science as well as journalism.

Ruth Ferron, Editor

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