Should I get a yearbook?


Have your parents ever told you that you shouldn’t waste money on a yearbook? Well, mine have. I remember always wanting a yearbook every single year. However, every time I brought home the form to buy one my parents would say, “It cost to much for something you will forget about in a couple of years. It’s a waste you’ll never see those people again!”

They are wrong! Yearbooks carry memories, memories of fun times that you shared with amazing people who helped shape you as a person. Whether the experience was good or bad they helped you in some way, taught you a lesson. You may not think about it now but one day you’ll wish you’d have something from the past that showed the journey you had.

A yearbook is like a timeline, it takes you back through the years. It has pictures and captions of what was said and done in that entire year. It captures all the perfect moments that everyone would want to look back on. For example, my (junior year) yearbook displays the tough struggle our city went through with Harvey, the joy we experienced at homecoming, the triumphant win of the world series by the Astros! The one time it actually snowed in Houston!! and many more. These are things you will surely want to look back on. They are moments that were captured for you so when you can’t remember what it looks like you can just take a look in the pages and the memories will come flooding back.

All of this and we still haven’t mentioned the people who create it. There are so many hard-working classmates that pour their hearts out into this book just for you. They dedicate a whole year just to make this the best possible book of memories they can. They go out to all the events, miss out on having some fun of their own. They capture all of these moments while you’re not looking! We must show our support to the yearbook time for there hard work and dedication to create something so meaningful!

Don’t miss out on all of these years, just buy a yearbook! Trust me you will NOT regret this!!