Staff Pick: Goldfish


Eva Maxcy, Writer

“This is the iconic Mr. Bubbles!”

When you hear the word “Goldfish” you probably think about the literal fish are the delicious snack. However, when i hear “Goldfish” i find myself thinking about work. Yes, work.

I work at the Goldfish swim school, where we teach kids from ages 12 months to 12 years water safety. Our main goal is to allow young kids to have fun in the water while being safe! We do provide more advanced classes where we go more in depth on technique when swimming and teach more advanced swim strokes.  Here at Goldfish the experience is truly golden. From the smiles on the kids faces to behind the scenes in the break room. We have an amazing handful of workers, its like a family.

So yes, Goldfish is where I chose to be on my free time. If you know anyone who has little ones please direct them to the big orange goldfish today!


Photo Credits to Cedric Hohnstadt Illustration, LLC and Herald events ,,102912