Pollen season has arrived!

HoustonPress article: https://www.houstonpress.com/news/spring-begins-in-earnest-as-the-smoke-finally-clears-11258475

The beginning of April has arrived and the pollen count in Houston is high! I’m sure you’ve been wiping that yellow dust off your car every day. The next couple weeks are supposed to be the peak of pollen season here in Houston. Thousands of people in the Houston area are being pummeled by allergies as trees cover everything in sight with their powdery green and yellow pollen. For the daily outlook, tree pollen is ranked number one. So if you struggle with allergies, particularly from pollen and ragweed, better load up on the meds. A good way to help is by making sure to constantly check the Weather Channel’s Allergy Tracker, which uses data compiled by the Houston Health Department. According to The Weather Channel, Houston has the highest tree pollen count in the country! But the good news is that grass and weed pollen are low — for now. This spring, don’t let the sniffles and sneezing get the best of you.

Specifically, people here at Westside are trying their best to fight spring allergies. Ronald Poole takes nightly showers. Experts say that if you suffer from outdoor allergies, you would be wise to switch to evening showers. This will rid your hair and skin of pollen, so you don’t bring it to bed with you. “I feel refreshed and clean,” Ronald says. “Right before I go to bed, I like to wash away all the pollen and germs from my body.”

Lili Sullivan

Senior, Darian Arasteh makes sure to check the weather in the morning before he leaves for school. “Weather has a huge impact on the spread of allergens.” To him, by taking the right precautions, he is able to prepare himself for the day ahead. By getting relevant information about weather and allergies in advance, you’re able to make the necessary preparations.