Robin Hood Review

Once again T-Pro shows how extraordinarily talented they are with their new production of Robin Hood. Written by Don Nigro in 1949, Robin Hood’s story involves him stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. However, T-Pro’s interpretation of this classic English Folklore was absolutely hilarious with fantastic actors who played their parts splendidly.

One of the best parts was when Alan (played by Sofia Hernandez) and Lady Quigley (played by Valeria Bringas) would introduce the next scene by singing many different songs together. They would always make the audience laugh because of how funny they were and made the play more special. Another great thing about the play was that it actively got the audience engaged in the story. Purvis for example (played by Stella Moger) would come off the stage and joke around with different people in the audience. They was even a fight scene that took place on the stage and in the audience as well, making the scene even more interesting and exciting.

The play overall looked like a professional play that one would see at a theater. The transition between scenes, the lighting, and special effects made everything look so good. Even with all of this though the play still kept its humorous and charming personality throughout. The play was 3 hours but I was engaged the whole way through because of how spectacular it was.  T-Pro has always done an amazing job but this was just beyond amazing. I cannot wait to see what else they will produce in the future.