Staff Pick: Astroworld


Rachel Wright, Writer

“We are all in this together” This weekend, November 9th, Travis Scott is planning the second annual Astroworld festival which is definitely not worth missing. There are a number of music artists that are said to hit the stage. There is a lot of speculation on whether the festival is worth attending or not. There is some mystery behind the festival as well. The lineup is not released until later in the week which can cause people to not want to buy a ticket, however, this can make going to the festival more fun. The anticipation of not knowing brings joy and excitement.

Travis Scott is a Houston born music artist. His music festival brings Houston together as one to enjoy the love that Scott brings with his festival. Astroworld last year had a record attendance of 10 million in its first year. This year, the city of Houston is hosting the second annual Astroworld Festival and is hoping to break the first-year attendance.

There is nowhere you would rather be this weekend than NRG Park to see the Travis Scott. Astroworld is a once in a lifetime experience that will take you out of this world!