A Fall from Grace

Aya Safie, Writer

Tyler Perry has done it again with another successful movie! Tyler Perry was the director of the movie called, “A Fall From Grace”, this movie is about how a woman meets who she thinks is the love of her life, but actually ends up being a scam artist.

The main character of the story is a woman called Grace. One day one of her closest friends convinces her to go to an art gallery, when Grace goes she immediately sees someone she is interested in and is showing the same interest in her. The man comes up to her and they have a conversation, they show mutual interest in their conversation and are having a good time. Grace is an older woman in her late 40s and the man she is talking to is way younger than her. They talk and eventually it leads to a relationship and he starts living with her. A few months later they get married.

One day, money is stolen from her job from her account and the company she works for believes it was her who stole the money and she gets fired. She doesn’t have any more money and the only person who is able to draw money is her husband. She tells him about it and he immediately gets offensive . A few days later she found him cheating on her with a younger person in her own home. She then realizes that he never loved her, he just used her for money. Her patience runs slim and one day she kills him with a bat to his head. She goes to jail and a lawyer took her case.

The lawyer tries to find all the ways to prove her innocent so she went to her “supposedly” best friend of Graces home. She goes the first time and Alice quickly drives her away but one time she goes unexpectedly and no one is home. She goes to the basement and finds many innocent women starving, begging her to help her. She keeps looking and someone is right behind her, it is Grace’s husband who she thinks she killed. He catches the lawyer and locks her up into a closet. Before the lawyer went into the home she told her husband she was going and he knew something didn’t feel right, so he called the police. The police came and caught Grace’s husband but they didn’t catch Alice. They realize that Alice is related to Grace’s husband and have been working together since the start. Grace eventually is freed from jail and many woman have been saved from their torture.

All over people are talking about this movie and are not disappointed in what Tyler Perry has done. He has created another viral and successful movie which leads viewers to expect even more interesting and binge-worthy movies and TV shows.