Staff Picks: IN-N-OUT Burger’s Takeover of Houston


credited to Nation’s Resturant News from IN-N-OUT

Aidan Vu, Editor, Writer & Photographer

IN-N-OUT Double-Double. Credited to iStock.

The California based burger chain, IN-N-OUT Burger have officially taken over Houston. IN-N-Out has locations throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas and Oregon. There are already two new IN-N-OUT locations and another planned to be built in the Houston area. There is one in Strafford and the second in Katy, the third one is planned to be built in the Willowbrook Mall. When it opened, the wait at the drive-thru during lunchtime is about 45 minutes.  The drive-thru customers were far from the first excited people on the scene. By 4:30 a.m. Friday, before the opening, two people were already holding their place in line.

Credited to Paper City Magazine

Whataburger fans must look out for the growing compeition taking over Houston. “Double-double” and “Animal Style” are phrases that might be more commonly known in Houston now. As a Houstonian, Whataburger will remain supreme in the Bayou City. Texans swear by Whataburger’s more Southern menu items, which includes Texas toast, patty melts, biscuits. Californians rave about IN-N-OUT’s fresh ingredients and “animal-style” burgers. Whataburger has far more expanded with more than 790 locations in ten different states and are more innovated. IN-N-OUT is stuck in the past with only 313 locations in 6 states. Whataburger not only serves breakfast but are opened 24 hours, which the California based burger restuarant doesn’t offer. This will be the beginning of the burger war!