Staff Pick: Outbreak

Aya Safie, Writer

Have you ever heard of the movie called Outbreak?! Outbreak is about where army doctors are struggling to find a cure for a virus that had spread through a California town. Many people are dying and they need to figure out a cure for many of their loved ones and their town is relying on it.

The main character of Outbreak is a man named Col. Sam Daniels. It was a normal day in a small town of California and a unknown sickness came into the hospital. After that hundreds of others filled the hospital with no known cure and many people dying. Col.Sam Daniels does everything he can and finds out that a African monkey is carrying a disease that is airborne and spreading throughout the whole town. He works with his ex-wife to find a cure but even his close ones have the disease and other problems are surfacing in order to save the town.

I really recommend this movie because it is very eye opening and it is very interesting. The movie shows how the virus spread from the first person and how it traveled to the whole town. Also how Sam Daniels and other doctors handled it and saved the town from mass destruction.