‘Among Us’ the now popular video game going viral


Right now, most people are going bezerk over the game ‘Among Us’! People are now playing the game everywhere! Big Youtubers like “Pewdiepie” and “CoryxKenshin” and more are also playing this so called “fun” of a game! The 10 player online social deduction game is taking everybody by storm by this one reason!

Some backstory, ‘Among Us’ is a game that was created by a small indie game developer company back in 2018, making the game 2 years old. This popular game started its breakthrough from popular Korean streamers then became exposed to English streamers, later spreading the game like a wildfire. ‘Among Us’ is downloadable on PC, mobile, and on game consoles, making it available for everyone to play on multiple devices!

Now why is it so consuming to may you may ask? The game is very appealing to people of all ages and is fairly easy to play! The game also having private “lobbies” so friends can play together is also a liked factor from many!