Staff Picks: Jumanji: The Next level


Ifraah Shegow, Editor/Writer

Movies are becoming very popular recently, especially sequels. Movies are also loved on action type adventure movies out of most of the genres out there! One of the movies to name is Jumanji, a movie loved by most for its comedy and sincere plot. Recently, Jumanji has yet to release for a sequel on December 13, 2019. I personally like the movie jumanji and cant wait for the sequel! The reasons are for the comedy and how youthful it makes the room feel.

Jumanji is an adventure/comedy/family/action movie based on a boy who goes to school and has found himself in detention with a few of his peers, the detention room looks to be abandoned and uncared of until they found a videogame. They boot it up and play it until it sucks them into this other world, a jungle! A man is shown as a guide to the videogame and leads them through the tough and memorable journey. Jumanji : The Next Level, is a continuation of them going back to the videogame and achieveing more! The question is who knows what will happen next!

Jumanji is loved by alot of people, last year, it got over $1 billion in box office. Im personally wondering if they are going to do better this year!  The actors playing in the movie are Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick Jonas, Danny DeVito, and more big actors. A probable cause of the movie to be liked so much from people around the world

I personally cant wait for the sequel to come out on december 13th. Stay tuned for another adventure!