Staff pick: “The Kings of Summer”


Aidan Vu, Editor, Writer

“The Kings of Summer” is a coming-of-age comedy-drama film with a cast that includes, Nick Robinson, Moisés Arias, Lili Reinhart, Alison Brie, and many other talented actors and actresses. This film displays three teenage boys that are conflicted with their imperious and deteriorating parents. This leads them to decide to leave their homes and families to build their own house in the woods. As the audience, we get to experience the group learning how to survive off the resources around them. The boys leave everything behind to start over in a new life.

I highly recommend this movie for all teenagers. It creates this nostalgic idea of running away and building a life of no rules, going through different adventures each day with your closest friends. A true roller coaster of a mixture of intensity and humor that brings out the courage of all. It is a great film to watch during isolation to help you forget for a moment of the cruel, vicious world right now.

“The Kings of Summer” is available on Vudo, Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes and Google Play.