Staff Pick: What the heck is Guava Juice?

Sharon Roberts, Adviser

Have you seen this guy? You know how it is, you are wasting time and you stumble down the YouTube rabbit hole looking for some new entertainment.  So here’s how it happened, one of our staff member wrote a Staff Pick recommending Among Us, I didn’t know Among Us so I did what any unsuspecting adult would do…I Googled it.

One of the first hits on the search turned up “Among Us but its Cake”…well, I’ll put it here and let you see for yourself:

Guava Juice YouTube

I watched a couple more clips, and I see why this guy has 16 million subscribers.  So who is Guava Juice?

According to a 2018 atricle at, Roi Fabrito, aka Guava Juice, got his start on YouTube during high school, and quickly built a massive following. “Fans flock to Fabito’s four channels to see him do wild food challenges, try out gadgets and life hacks and conduct science experiments ranging from 3D printing to making a watermelon bath bomb out of an actual watermelon.”¹

If you’re looking for pure fun and entertainment, not to mention real, how-does-he-do-that tricks and skills, I recommend you give Guava Juice a try-out.

  1. “The 26 year Old Entrepreneur Behind the Popular Guava Juice YouTube Channel”, Nina Zipin, 2018