Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

Lili Sullivan and Gabriela Smith

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  • Any plans for Valentine's Day? Mr. Disch: "My wife just had a baby last Tuesday so we don't know what we're doing yet."

  • Do you believe in true love? Bryce Anderson: “Yeah because love is about caring about someone: their feelings, having fun, and, yeah, all that sorta’ stuff.”

  • Any plans for Valentine's Day? Sofia Reyes: “I’m spending time with my sister. We always get those heart-shaped pizzas.”

  • What’s the most romantic song? Andy Nguyen: “King of my Heart definitely, really anything by Taylor Swift.”

  • Roses… cheesy or sweet? Ms.Morris: “Depends on the color. Red roses are tacky; white roses are classy; yellow roses means they just wanna’ be friends.”

  • What does Valentine's Day mean to you? Daveon Arnold: “It’s just a regular day.”

  • What is your worst Valentine's Day memory? Tah MacBright: “I got a girl Reeses, Hersheys, and a bouquet of flowers. She was like “Ah thank you.” I then saw her friend with that stuff later that day.”

  • Roses… cheesy or sweet? Jonathan Abraham: “Rose are sweet because they signify the beauty that you find in that person.”

  • Roses... Cheesy or sweet? Quinlan Meeks: "Cheesy, roses are typical. I'd rather get a unique flower!" What is your worse Valentine's Day memory? Evan Lou: "I broke up with a girl on Valentine's Day."

  • What does Valentine's Day mean to you? Ryeen Farangi: "Love your significant other, and if you don't have one, spend time with friends and family."

  • Do you believe in true love? Fiama Villagrana: "No because I believe you choose who you love, and it's not simply just meant to be."

  • Any plans for Valentines Day? Sam Buley: "I'm going to have a nice dinner with my girlfriend!"

  • Finish this sentence- I just asked someone to be my Valentine's Day but they said no, I feel _______. Darian Arasteh: "Well I wouldn't know that feeling..."

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