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  • May 10The only breaking news that matters: Graduation is upon us!
The student news site of Westside High School

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The student news site of Westside High School

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Gabriela Smith

Gabriela Smith, Writer

Gabriela Smith is a senior at Westside High School who is now commencing in her first year on the Howler News staff. She is vice president of Beyond the Cover and a four-year member of Student Council. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and watching both movies and television shows.

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The dreadful rise in gas prices

The dreadful rise in gas prices

Gabriela Smith, Writer March 29, 2019

As the spring season comes around the corner, it seems like the drastic rise in gas prices is coming along with it. While a few months ago, gas was not too much more than two dollars, the prices have now...

Westside student, Jala Hobbs, has no issues bragging about her wealth. Being able to pay for all that she wants, including college, has relieved her of lots of stress.

Growing up spoiled…how does this affect the children?

Gabriela Smith, Writer March 28, 2019

You grow up living in a mansion, with everything you have ever wanted to be handed right to you the moment you raise your finger even just half an inch. There are many kids now growing up being given all...

Oil Blotting sheets on a table with other daily used items.

Oil blotting sheets…helpful or pointless?

Gabriela Smith, Writer March 22, 2019

Oil blotting sheets seem to be the saving grace for those with oily skin. If you ever find your face feeling or appearing slightly oily, simply pull out one of these sheets, wipe your entire face with...

The Senior 2019 Showcase in the Westside halls.

Seniors “spring” their way into their final assembly

Gabriela Smith, Writer January 14, 2019

Calling all seniors to the spring assembly! Seniors will have their final assembly on Wednesday, January 16th, and it will take place in the Westside auditorium. It will occur from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm during...

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

High school newspaper in Arkansas suspended

Gabriela Smith, Writer December 17, 2018

An entire high school newspaper suspended?? A teacher's job at risk?? Both of these things occurred at Har-Ber High School when their school's newspaper published an article about five varsity football...

An employee at CryoTexas standing in front of one of the businesss signs.

It really isn’t that bad!

Gabriela Smith, Writer December 12, 2018

Temperatures below -166 degrees Fahrenheit?? Am I going to freeze? Is it painful? These are some of the common questions many people ask as they initially walk into CryoTexas, a cryotherapy studio in...

Multiple seniors at Senior Skate Night skate in attempts of winning the race.

Seniors skate the night away!

Gabriela Smith, Writer December 4, 2018

Seniors spent the night on blades having the time of their lives! On Wednesday, November 28th, Westside High School's annual Senior Skate Night tradition took place. From 7 pm to 9 pm, seniors skated the...

Tweets about previous elections viewed on the laptop screens.

Do you believe the hype?

Gabriela Smith, Writer November 10, 2018

Social media, which is now used by a vast majority of people, has evidently had many affects on society. While many of its effects have been positive, such as being able to communicate and share photos...

A LEGO version of the London Bridge.

LEGOs aren’t just for kids!

Gabriela Smith, Writer November 8, 2018

Jeffrey Schroeder, a well-known geometry and AP statistics teacher at Westside High School, has always demonstrated a passion for LEGOs. On October 17th, 2018, a well-known YouTube account, Beyond the...

Sebastian Ortiz creating the shape of a zero with his arms.

Zeroes as placeholder grades

Gabriela Smith and Writer October 31, 2018

A student's grade drops twenty points, and the first thing that pops into each student's mind is, "Oh no, did I get a bad grade on an assignment? Did I do something wrong?" When he or she finally checks...

Two Rubiks cubes on display, with one in the mouth of a Halloween decoration.

Staff Pick: Rubik’s cube

Gabriela Smith, Writer October 29, 2018

The Rubik's cube is an iconic piece of pop culture, flooding the homes of millions of people and families all around the world. This three-dimensional challenging game for the mind is known and easily...

Eva Maxcy, a senior at Westside High School, showing her wolf pride.

Senior 411 (Part 2)

Gabriela Smith, Writer September 24, 2018
While Senior 411 Part 1 covered information about meetings and dues, this 2nd part will highlight information involving yearbooks, senior portraits, and fun activities throughout the year for seniors.
Eva Maxcy, a senior at Westside High School, showing her wolf pride.

Senior 411

Gabriela Smith, Writer September 24, 2018

Part 1 of this article covers information about senior meetings, dues, and fundraisers. Three full years of high school, and finally, we embark on the year most looked forward to by every high school...

Staff Pick: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Gabriela Smith, Writer September 21, 2018

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society is based on a book of the same name, and it originally aired on Netflix as a Netflix original. It is a romantic drama that takes place in the 1940's, during...

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