Life of an Inertia Captain: Ryan Sacks


Andrew Doan, Writer

With COVID-19 at full throttle, it has made some changes to the Inertia Dance Company’s schedule, but that doesn’t stop the team from pushing through. The team is continuing to practice, while also following COVID-19 guidelines. But what is the captain’s, Ryan Sacks, take on this new schedule, and what are his plans for the future? I decided to chat with Ryan and see what he had to say about the new plans for the Inertia Dance Company.

I asked Ryan the following questions:

What’s the daily life of the Inertia captain?
Ryan: Inertia life for me isn’t too different from everyone else at the moment. Normally, we would be able to see each other every day and hang out and bond, but it’s not realistic right now. We do our best to practice as much as we can at home and at school, both with and without the team, so we can make the most out of this year.

How have you managed your leadership role on the team with everything going on right now?
Ryan: It wasn’t easy. I didn’t go into this year thinking it would be normal, because it wouldn’t be. As captain, I have to try my best to help wherever I can, whether it would be from home virtually or in person. Inertia has taught me to be ready to adapt to any situation, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

Was the freeze a setback for the team? What do you hope to see for the spring?
Ryan: The freeze was a big setback. We had important practices scheduled for that week and now we are trying to just get back on track. We are hoping to have at least one performance this semester so be ready for anything. The Inertia Concert is scheduled for mid-April as of now and that is the main focus for the team. I hope that later in the school year that more events and performances can happen.

What’s next for you Ryan? Where do you see yourself and dancing after high school?
Ryan: I hope to dance as much as I can and continue after high school. I feel there is a big opportunity for me in the dancing world and I want to explore it for as long as I can. In short, yes I want to dance for as long as my body allows me to.

Any final thoughts about your experience with Inertia Dance Company?
Ryan: I don’t think I would trade this year on Inertia for any other time in the world. I wish I could be on Inertia forever.

Ryan has dedicated so much to Inertia and dancing, and this is a clear representation of how the rest of the team feels as well. Inertia will continue to work hard and practice every day to become great at what they love. This definitely won’t be the end for Ryan’s dancing career.