Staff Pick: My So Called Life


Are you looking for a show to binge watch this weekend? Or are you getting set for a Spring Break couch TV vortex to get lost in.  I highly recommend a TV show that enjoyed a short but meaningful run in the late 90’s called “My So Called Life.”  It aired on ABC, and featured Claire Danes as Angela Chase, a high school sophomore, who is trying to figure it all out, while navigating friendships, parents, and an overwhelming crush on Jordon Catalono, the rebellious bad boy musician, played to perfection by then unknown Jared Leto. 

The show is set in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa, with all the grittiness you could want. If you’re a sucker for 90’s indie rock, like The Lemonheads, or Juilana Hatfield, you will love the soundtrack for this show.  Storylines cover all the angst and joy of high school in the pre social media age.  When waiting on a phone call was the norm, and patience was an art form.

“My So Called Life” is airing on multiple channels, Amazon, Hulu, even their original channel  The episodes are 50 minutes, and you should watch from the beginning, as the characters and stories progress from the start.

Find who you are?  And watch “My So Called Life”.