Six feet shrunk to Three

Some people don’t realize that keeping a distance of 3 feet is beneficial in preventing the transmission of germs. Recently, the CDC have come up with a new social distancing protocol, instead of 6 feet, you now can stand 3 feet apart for schools. It’s much less likely to obtain germs being distanced from people than it is being right next to them.

Some classrooms around the nation aren’t big enough to follow the 6-feet social distancing rule, so the 3-feet protocol is a big benefit in their favor. Although the new guideline doesn’t apply to middle and high schools with high levels of COVID-19, it helps the smaller communities. So far, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, and a few other states have applied this new rule. Kids should still be wearing masks around school even though the social distance guideline has been reduced. With this rule, the schools can open full time, instead of kids going 3 or 4 days a week, they can go all 5 days.

Parents can still choose to either send their kids to physical school or virtual school if they don’t like the new guidelines. Teachers and schools staff still have to follow along with the 6-feet social distancing guidelines even though some of them have gotten the vaccine to COVID-19. The 6-feet guideline should also be obtained when masks aren’t required, such as lunch-time, band, sports activities, and outdoor recreation. Some health officials believe that no school districts should be using the 6-foot social distancing rule by the time fall comes back around.

The new rule might cause some problems considering some kids don’t have transportation to go to school and schedule changing. Enclosing, the 3-feet rule is beneficial for multiple reasons, mostly as a precaution and safety measure for each and every one of us.