Expectations for Grad Week!


Seniors! Graduation week is among us and if you don’t know what’s going on, we’ll help you out! The details range from when graduation is when the rehearsal is, and many other details you probably didn’t know about. These events are going to be unique since this is the first fully virtual school year, so expect the unexpected.

First, the graduation ceremony will be held at Delmar Stadium at 5 PM on the football field. The way to have family and friends attend is electronically through an app called “GoFan”.  HISD has not set a number of tickets per student, and extra tickets will not be given at the door. HISD also announced that flowers, balloons, signs, etc. will not be allowed into the stadium. Students must also arrive in their cap and gown, given to them at senior check-out (6/9-6/10). There will be no cellphones allowed onto the field, everyone must wear a mask and will be seated 6 feet apart. The weather will also be warm so dress accordingly, and high heels are discouraged because of the football field.

Graduation rehearsal is on 6/11 at 9 AM at the Westside Commons. There will be chairs set up identical to the ones in the real graduation and there will be people running the event to make sure everything goes smoothly.

This year was definitely a unique one and we want to make sure it ends off on a good note. Make sure to be prepared when senior week approaches, since that’s when everything starts to come into play.