Course Selection 2021-2022

After a long school year, it is finally time to pick classes for next year! Although it is going to be a little different under the circumstances, students are still able to get the thrill and excitement of picking new classes and electives that spike their interest.

Students can begin to look at courses now to get an idea of what they might like to choose and the required courses. During homeroom, this week students will look at courses and submit course selections. After students do this, they will be able to meet with the dean to confirm their selections and get ready for the new school year.

Westside has made it easier for students by making a dedicated website for course selection. The website highlights the course selection steps and what students need to do. It also lists the information that will be most useful such as course guides. For any incoming freshman who are confused about this stressful experience, the guide helps students pick classes step by step. A current sophomore at Westside named Alejandra Duarte says, ” I am so excited to pick new classes, and although it is a non-traditional way of picking classes it is going to be just as fun. I love how Westside made a website which will definitely make the process easier without confusion.

Although course selection can be intimidating and stressful especially doing it online, it can be very exciting and a fun experience. Here is the link for the course selection guide: