How “Action in Africa” will look like in the 2021-2022 school year


2019 Members in Africa

“Action in Africa” is a non-profit organization that is found all around the United States, including here at Westside. It helps provide assistance with education in several different areas of Africa such as Nakuwadde and Uganda. Their main goal as a whole is to reduce the barrier of education to collectively help children grow healthier and give children an opportunity to have an education.

It is a community-based organization that operates the thriving community center in Nakuwadde, Uganda. “WHS Action in Africa” is part of a larger entity, the “Houston Action in Africa” chapter which encompasses many other “Action in Africa” school clubs within the Houston Area.

For next year, “Action in Africa” has combined with last year’s African club to effectively work together to accomplish their prime goal of helping Africa. Last years club,  held events and have volunteered to raise money and materials. With this, in the next school year, the club hopes to have opportunities to hold events and volunteer face-to-face. The club is hoping to plan other face-to-face events when the times are safer, which is why there are no definite plans. Currently, a major event that has already been planned is a book/stationery drive and they are also hoping to host a video game fundraising event.

Due to recent events, many events have changed although the goal is the same. A member, Gyan Gabilan, of the “Action in Africa” club states, “In 2018 and 2019, the president and his sibling, the new Vice President, went to Senegal to interact with the children from the village in Senegal and the students from SOS Enfants. However, we do not plan on going to Africa this year, because of the recent events going on in the world.” The club is trying to help with the resources that they sent last year and are hoping to communicate with Africa in order to help them effectively and try the best to help them during these hard times. Through this hard time and for the future, safety is important and the club is trying to do the best thing for its members.

Now is the time for new members to join the club! “Action in Africa” wants to create an environment that allows people to feel safe while making a change. With new changes ready for next year, “Action in Africa” is going to be mindful and strive to take a step in the right direction for the club and for Africa. If you are interested in what “Action in Africa” has to offer next school year, click this link to join the club!