Does Westside help students?

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Does Westside high school help there students? Some might say no some might say yes , In my opinion this school does help us prepare for the real world, because they let us have freedom make choices and soon be responsible for  them as well. However teachers represent as the school not all teachers have good ways of teaching methods but they are doing there best to help as much as they can. Also the school might not be as strict has the others schools, but they help us learn from our mistakes and not to do things that would get us in trouble one day. For example we all have those trouble makers in schools no matter where you go, but this school laterally works with us. There are some teacher helpers that be coming in class to help, instead of hovering over you like a baby they sit and listen then help when their needed. the school also has good food they don’t feed you like there money low they feed you well to satisfactions. Meanwhile the school is not a poor school that helps a lot more than you think.

Meanwhile the school is very huge and landscaping , also there is  a lot of stairs the school helps you exercise as well , and the uniforms they let you chose between  black, white, blue, grey shirts and then the pants you can only wear khakis or black. It not just that you also feel a little welcome here there is barely kids being bullied and if there is there will be a stop to it. to be honest this school isn’t really bad as it seems to be, also if you cannot pay for uniforms they would give to you for free so truly this schol kinda helpful and caring.

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