Growing up spoiled…how does this affect the children?


Westside student, Jala Hobbs, has no issues bragging about her wealth. Being able to pay for all that she wants, including college, has relieved her of lots of stress.

Entertainment Tonight, published 3.26.19

You grow up living in a mansion, with everything you have ever wanted to be handed right to you the moment you raise your finger even just half an inch. There are many kids now growing up being given all of the belongings, clothes, and materialistic items desired without any work, and some even further continue by getting into a top school even though, without their parents paying for it, they would have never had a chance of getting in. The effects of this seem to be drastically evident in the negativity present in many of these children’s’ future personalities, actions, and statements.

For children who get everything handed to them from the moment of birth, the idea that they must earn what they have is immediately corrupted. The idea that you must give to get never exists since all these kids do is “get.”

Olivia Jade, the daughter of Lori Loughlin who paid for her daughter’s acceptance into the University of Southern California, once said in a YouTube video, “I don’t really care about school, as you guys know.” With no need to do well in school since she has all of her family’s money to rely on, she has no care, no motivation, and no self-awareness. With statements like these and actions like the ones in many of her other videos, it becomes evident that she lives with no pressure of ever having to work or try, automatically altering her personality from birth.

Juliana Santacruz believes that dedication and hard work are the keys to success.

Juliana Santacruz, a student who attends Westside High School, says, “I cannot imagine growing up with everything handed to me. I work for almost everything I have, including my acceptance letters to the colleges I applied to. This dedication is what made me who I am, so kids born into the lifestyle of never having to work confuses me. They will never know dedication. They will never understand either what it means to pursue a passion or to have to put hours of work in because you know you have to. It’s kind of sad.”

All of the hard work that kids put into their education is what teaches them to be humble, to be kind, and to have a strong work ethic. Children raised with no sense of this will never have any of these qualities, instead, they are more prone to having narcissistic qualities and acting or speaking out in ways that most kids and teenagers never would. They may grow up with everything, but is the loss of a dedicated and humble personality really considered everything?