Teen voting


Here is a picture of my friend as he is a teen voter and is encouraging teen voting.

Teen voting is very important and crucial to political events in the current era. When teens vote, it contributes to the amount of people and the population who vote, and increases chances of candidates to win certain elections. Teen voting is a great experience as it allows teens to be more mature in contributing their ideas into presidential and representative elections.

I believe that teen voting should be more relevant to our society, because young voters account for half the voting population, making them a powerful political force. Teen voting is a very important aspect that should be enforced in society, because most of our current society accounts for teens and young adults, therefore if they vote, the voting population would increasing, therefore creating a more accurate representation of voting polls.  Every vote counts and contributes towards the results of the poll. Our voice needs to be heard in full power, so that’s why teen voting she be encouraged everywhere in each state throughout the country.

Young voters neglect the importance of voting, but their voice is very important to the decisions made. Key issues in every election increasingly relate to the concerns of students and professionals in schools between the ages of 18 and around 28, making it essential and necessary for members within that age group to educate themselves on political issues and take to the polls. “We are young and hungry and bound together by the radical idea that the world is, and will be, better off because of us. We endured. Now, we will rise.” Sarah Baum, a political rights activist, says this to portray how the young population is desperate to get their opinions out there and to contribute to the American society.

Some people might refute the idea to encourage teens to vote because they would believe that they are too young and immature to have enough knowledge to support their decisions in voting the right candidate. This idea is not true because the teen voting age of 18, is considered to be an adult which means they could have enough information to support their political standings in voting for the rightful leader.

In conclusion, teen voting should be encouraged because teens account for half of the population and encouraging and persuading them to vote, would increase polls and create a more accurate representation of America’s voice and ideas in political standings and viewpoints. Teen voting encourages teens to be more involved into our society and be more socially active as a U.S citizen.