Do prep teacher believe that only AP students will go to college ?


Sonaiya Grant, Writer

A very pressing matter at Westside High school is the visible difference between AP students and PREP students. Many AP and PREP students cannot get along because of the teachers making a difference in the abilities of the 2 groups. Of course, AP is seen as an advanced college course class that seems to have much more workload than a prep class. Such things as the time for turning things in, or the amount of work given. But PREP often, the same type of class is looked down by many AP teachers and students.

From a students point of view being in both classes, there are is an obvious workload difference. PREP students may get 1 or 2 sheets of homework while AP students may get about 1-8 with extra reading or a project on the side. Yes, some PREP classes do have some extra work depending on the students and the teachers in the room but traditional prep doesn’t even compare to AP’s workload. Second is Finals, a major difference in AP and PREP classes are finals. Finals are no understatement for any student but they are especially important to AP students because if they pass the finals they receive college credit. This little bit of credit goes a long way in college especially when they start adding up. Some may think it’s unfair that AP kids get a boost up the ladder when it comes to college but I disagree as an AP student you put in a lot of work just to get to that credit. Many PREP students also get labeled as an” idiot or dumb” because of not being in an advanced class or for not doing what other classes are even while the teacher is still teaching the same lesson to both classes. But I believe both students have the chance to go to college. (This here is a freshman prep class)

Curious about the issue I asked a teacher who taught both prep and an AP class. And to a shock, he said that the only difference between the 2 was that AP students have a higher work ethic but other than that they are all the same kind of kids. It’s great to know that a professional think that all students should go to college and that all students can go to college. (This here is a picture of an ap Calculus class)