Oil blotting sheets…helpful or pointless?


Oil Blotting sheets on a table with other daily used items.

Oil blotting sheets seem to be the saving grace for those with oily skin. If you ever find your face feeling or appearing slightly oily, simply pull out one of these sheets, wipe your entire face with it, and bam! You now have a fresh, no longer oily, appearance in an instance!

You may be asking, what are oil blotting sheets? Oil blotting sheets are small, thin sheets used to wipe your face in order to reduce shine and removal oil throughout the day by soaking up all of the excess oil on your face. They commonly work for all skin types and truly help for any on-the-go touch ups.

As for pricing, the typical cost for a package of 50 count oil blotting sheets from a drugstore ranges around five dollars. However, there are also higher-end oil blotting sheets that would evidently cost a lot more. Overall, though, these sheets are quite affordable, even though they are used up very quickly.

With Ben Carlson, a junior at Westside,  saying, “They are helpful and reliable whenever you need to get rid of your greasy self,” it becomes evident that these sheets truly are extremely useful. Now go out, and buy yourself a packet of of oil blotting sheets!