What’s your opinion?


Westside Student Jada Sinisterra was questioned about the scandal but was very confused.

Justin Ajayi firmly shares his opinion, ” I just don’t care.”

College Scandal? What are you talking about? These are questions my fellow students asked me when I addressed the Countrywide scandal.

Needless to say, I was very shocked. How can people not know about something that has been broadcast, written about, all over social media, and spoken about every day. Why do we not know about this? What if these parents paid to take away the spot you would have gotten. How would you feel then, don’t you want your best chance of getting into the college of your choice.

So many students at Westside high school just don’t understand how important this is and how it affects them. I asked two Seniors what they thought should be a result or punishment in response to this crime. Luke Ly (12) stated, “They already lost a bunch of money and got fired. Being honest they should just fine them, take more money.” I tried to explain that for these parents money isn’t a problem. Paula said “I don’t think its that bad, prison sounds too harsh. Maybe, community service.” I don’t believe community service is even an option. On the other side, Gabriela Smith has obtained knowledge on this subject. ” It’s extremely unfair that a parent would just pay for their kid’s spot in a college. Like what if I could’ve had that spot? They’re taking away opportunities from other kids as well.” At least we know some students care.

Gabby Smith, ” Why would we just let these people go free?”

We need to start caring more about our future and who out there is affecting it. Don’t sit around not caring about serious crimes that actually involve you. College is an important aspect of every graduating Seniors life. If you applied to college this year or will in the future please take action and learn about what is going on. Obtain the knowledge you need and never ignore things that you feel do not involve you. Because 90% of the time these issues do involve us we just don’t want to deal with them.