“Blithe Spirit”: Review

Westside’s Theatre Company opened their season in October, with a hilarious production of Noel Coward’s classic “Blithe Spirit”

Westside T-Pro production of “Blithe Spirit”.

Jasmine Linares, Writer

T-Pro’s first production of the season,  “Blithe Spirit” was a “spooky” and hilarious experience for those who were fortunate enough to get a ticket to this sold out performance. The play ran October 23-25 in the Black Box Theatre. The Westside Theatre Production Company, or T-Pro, as they are known around school,  brought the house down with their incredibly creepy acting skills and comedic talents.

First premiered in London, in 1941, and written by the incomparable Noel Coward, directer and T-Pro instructor Anthony Wallin’s production was fresh and lively, with a crisp pace, and well acted cast.  The sets were scene stealers all their own, with attention to detail of the time period.   Set in a county side English Manor, you felt this atmosphere the minute you walked in the door.  The audience, always apart of the action, actually entered through the door of the English manor.

She might be listed as a supporting character, but Madame Acarti, played by Elizabeth George, stole the show.  E. George brought this classic character to life, with her physical comedy, and perfect accent.  The audience  laughed and anticipated her every the scene. Actress Sommer Henderson gave her minor roll of comedic foil Edith, great life.  She was as clumsy as the roll called for.   However, there was some curiosity of what her goal actually was. She flirted endlessly with Charles Condomine, played by Boris Ivanov, but it really never went anywhere.

The audience had a great time.  “Although Acarti and Edith were very funny, my favorite character would have to be the free spirit, Elvira, because she has a care free attitude and she was just funny and very interesting,” Maria Delgado, 12th grader, said. “What I also liked was that the play had so many plot twists and that made the play more interesting to watch for me, everything was just lovely,” Maria adds.

More on the production, the lighting enhanced the actors. Especially the blue lighting, which enhanced the spooky seance scenes, really taking the audience with the scene.

The actors stage directions also kept the show entertaining. It was fun for the audience to be so involved in the scenes.  During the “magic” of the 3rd Act, the surprise was real, believable, and a joy.

“Yea I think the whole setting and tech of the play was really cool because it really brought the play to life. It made me want to join back with the company,” Missy Shelton, 12th grader, said.

The play was hilarious. And everything  tied together nicely. The actors were committed to their roles,  when Charles ends up locked in a house with 2 bickering dead wives, we laugh out loud at his plight.  “Blithe Spirit” was a hilariously scary experience.