Do You Think Flex Time is Important?

Hiba Safie, Writer

In the 2020-21 school year, there have been many changes in the schedule and what it includes. This year students have flex time which is academic time for students to finish assignments, ask teachers questions, study, and for teachers to make sure everybody understands the lesson. This change has affected many students at Westside but the majority of the student body are in favor of flex time and believe that it is very beneficial and it provides time for them to finish their work. Others believe that it doesn’t help and rather have the time at the end of the day in order to maximize their time. I believe that flex time is very beneficial and helps students in various ways such as being more efficient and successful in getting your work done and making sure you understand the lesson.

Having flex time has been an amazing way for students to finish their work and get extra help. For example, I struggled with my AP Psychology class and I felt as if I had to teach myself all the information and was unable to handle the stress. So I decided that I should stay in class during flex time and receive the extra time the school gave to students. I was able to receive help at a pace that I could understand and ask questions that I was struggling on. After a few days of going during flex time I started to understand the concepts and saw a major improvement in my grade.A teacher at Westside, Mrs.Roberts says, “I do think flex time is important.I like it.I’ve had more one on one conversations with students.They feel more free to ask me questions.” With this I know that this is the perfect way for the overall student body to learn and  receive help while being comfortable .

To piece everything together, I believe that students shouldn’t click off the leave button when teachers say “Its Flex Time!!”, and instead people should use this time as an advantage and focus on using this time for their benefit by expanding their knowledge and also raising their grade. Flex time is over an hour for each class therefore if we reduce the time for about 25 minutes each class period this would be the perfect way to make everybody happy by getting more time at the end of the day but still using this time for their benefit. If we didn’t have flex time I wouldn’t know how to finish my assignments and understand the lesson therefore lets use this time seriously and lets adapt!