Senior Dues are Due!


Senior year is the year to make memories with your friends and to have fun enjoying many different school-organized activities. Only one thing stands in the way: Senior Dues. A Westside tradition, Senior Dues are mandatory fees paid by the graduating class that  enable participation in fun activities and also cover the cost of necessities. They are priced at $140, and can be found on School Pay. They must be paid by November 19, and if they are not  paid by the deadline, dues increase to $180.

Senior dues covers a lot! Your cap and gown, graduation ceremony, diploma and diploma cover, graduation panoramic picture, senior picture, senior t-shirt, senior awards/honor night, and senior movie night. However, it will not cover the price for dances such as senior girls night and prom, or other events like senior skate night. If the dues are not paid, seniors will loose privileges such as off campus, and the price of prom tickets will be increased for them.

The link to school pay can be found under student resources on the Westside website, or by clicking here. Westside upperclassmen will have to log in or create an account and then link a credit or debt card to the account. If online payment isn’t an option for some students, they can pay in cash to Ms. Lockard, who is located in the library. If some students need a discounted price ($100), then they will have had to complete a Socioeconomic Information Form, which was either completed in the first day packet, or in PowerSchool, under forms in the left side menu. Having a fun last year in high school is possible, but if these dues are not paid, 12th grade may not go the way you envisioned, so make sure you pay them off as soon as possible.