Who has the best French Fries?


Who has the best French Fries? A seemingly simple question with varying answers that always starts discussion depending on the group of interested people. I find multiple varying factors to be a defining decision in how to rate a fast-food chain’s french fry. For instance, it depends on what you plan to take into consideration when looking to decide on the best french fry, you can base it on the salt to potato ratio, or the STP for short, or you can base it off the crispiness of the french fry, along with the taste itself. Those are the three defining factors to decide upon which fast-food chain has the best and which fast-food chain has the worst. And using those three parameters, I will highlight the differences between each fast-food chain and decide which fast-food chain has the best fries to offer, and the ones I will be testing are Mcdonalds, Chick-fil-a, and Popeyes, as they happen to be my big three.

My Ranking: Within My Opinion

In the first place is Chick-fil-a, I might be biased in my decision but I believe it has the best fries in the fast-food chain. It has the lowest salt to potato ratio, which in my book is the best you can have because I like to taste the fry itself and not just salt. The fries also come with a delicious sauce and are usually much larger than the average fry. This means that not only do they have less salt but they have more to offer for a cheaper price allowing for the consumer to not only spend less but receive that much more. And better yet they are shaped like curly fries, with ridges to make them almost look like waffles. However, let it be known that not all Chick-fil-a fries are created equal, some tend to be crispier than others, and depending on what you enjoy these fries may be number one for you as well. However for me, I am not a particular fan of ultra-crispy fries, I like my fries somewhat tender and that’s just my preference because I like to dip them in the sauce instead. And therefore take number one place

A very close contender with number one, however, was Popeye fries, they look amazingly delicious and were amazingly delicious. They had an ok STP ratio which is not what I preferred but the taste made up for it. For a fast-food chain, they had some of the tastiest fries I have ever had, that contained a plethora of spices that lit your tastebuds up like pop rocks, they were seasoned extremely well but they had an almost perfect crisp to them. But what placed them at number two was the size of the fries itself, the serving size wasn’t bad per se but the amount of fry you would get per the amount of seasoning didn’t really balance out that well and it wasn’t really fulfilling like the Chick-fil-a fries. But if you are looking for a good french fry place to eat at, then I would thoroughly recommend Popeyes.

And last but not least is McDonald’s, I like to think of Mcdonald’s fries as the old reliable, they’re good but not innovative, there’s nothing really special to them. No extravagant amount of spices, no defining shape or taste for that matter, thus dubbed the ole’ reliable. These fries have a high STP ratio, which if you like salt then this one’s for you. However, if your not too big on the slat thing then don’t worry McDonald’s has a plethora of sauces, with my favorite being the honey mustard one. But I digress, that tastiness of the fries was tolerable at best, like I said earlier however is that I don’t like my fries tasting like salt, I enjoy a lower STP ratio as it is my preference, and McDonald’s fries ranked the highest in the STP index. Furthermore, the crispiness of the fries ranged from either mush to straight-up rock in some cases, which, if you like salty rock candy then McDonald’s fries are a good choice to help your cravings. But in all three categories, McDonald’s ranked the lowest, which for me was a defining factor in McDonald’s fries and also why it ranked the lowest.