Life as a High school student during Pandemic- Featured Story


Ayana Jones, Writer

What is  life  as a High school Student during Pandemic?   Instead of waking up early every morning during the week and getting dressed to go to in – person school, I log in for school at home. I still do my daily morning routines like brushing my teeth, showering and getting my self  ready to hop on teams to do virtual school. I am able to have more time to eat breakfast instead of rushing to eat to head to school.   Also, I  am still able to learn in my classes and complete assignments, test, quizzes and other things.

I felt scared in the beginning of COVID-19 . When this pandemic hit in the middle or towards the end of my 9th grade school year,  I was shocked when I found out that I wouldn’t be able to finish the rest of my 9th grade year at Westside.  I remember having so much in 9th grade I was able to hang out with my friends, while eating lunch in the cafeteria or outside. My whole teenage school experience was shut down early.

But now that the Pandemic has spread further, I am not able to communicate with my teachers in- person everything changed . Once virtual  school  became a everyday thing I felt surprised, disappointed  because I thought that COVID-19 would only last a couple weeks. Since it seems as though I will not see the inside of my school for awhile, I realized that I had to  get used to doing  Virtual- School online.

I have gotten used to participating online. It is difficult at times because if I need help in a class it’s hard to get help. It’s harder to to certain things like team assignments when everyone may not turn things in at the same time.

There are some good things about learning online. I feel safer being at home and not exposed to other people who may have COVID-19. Also, I can relax in my room while I’m doing my work. I don’t have to rush to go in every day. I look forward to going back in to school, but only when it is safe to do so.