The importance of the presidential position of Black Student Union in a transformed America

The United States of America has completely transformed since the “discrimination administration” under former President Trump that had rollbacked a number of civil and human rights and dominated by a cabinet of white men. On the other hand, Biden’s presidential administration is composed of a diverse cabinet of women, people of color, religions, ethnicities, and sexuality that has reversed a few of the many discriminatory actions of Trump. Having a diverse cabinet expands the influence amongst the young population of being in these positions of power, such as Westside’s Black Student Union organization that advocates and voices the issues of African-Americans, especially of Black Student Union’s president, Chidera Ejiofor.

This seemingly growth of diversity in positions of power has influenced the Black Student Union, which Chidera states, “I am very excited that there are more diverse people in leadership roles, especially people of color and women in the United States. The Black Student Union cabinet is actually an all female cabinet, which has demonstrated how women can perform just as well as men.” The organization embraces diversity and goes against the long-term societal concept of a male-dominated world.

Black Student Union has always been an organization that comforts students facing racial discrimination. Chidera comments when she had first joined the organization, “I felt welcomed and unjudged when speaking about the same struggles I was facing in everyday society. Through Black Student Union I was able to form friendships with people who looked like me and share the same issues and I was able to easily relate to them.”

However, with the recent global Black Lives Movement, growing relevance of racial profiling, and having more diverse people in positions of power in the United States has expanded the importance of the Black Student Union. Chidera claims, “In Black Student Union we have been given a space to talk about and express our opinions about issues that are within the African-American community. Since the events of George Floyd, there has been more eagerness to speak on such issues that have an effect on our community. Black Student Union is an open floor, where individuals can discuss their honest opinions about racial issues. Don’t be afraid to speak about how you feel.” Chidera not only advocates and raises awareness of issues of African-Americans in Black Student Union, but also acts as a place in expressing your stories of inequity and receiving support. 

Chidera Ejiofor exceeds her leadership role as president of the Black Student Union, maintaining the same core values of the organization while adapting, changing, and becoming this center of support for many from the recent events in the past year till now. Chidera also runs against the social tide as a person of color and female in a position of power, becoming an influencing and strong figure to all.

Stereotypical assumptions based on race or gender has become this tiresome bias amongst minority groups and females, which displays the unchanging reality in the United States. Change is necessary to optimize the modern world, which includes having a more diverse population in leadership positions, whether that be in a student organization, company, or an entire nation, anyone has the capability in doing so and has the ability to exceed as did Chidera.