What is the Canidae?


Seniors enjoy a return to off campus lunch.

In the year 2000, Westside opened as a four year high school on the far west end of Houston.  A proud moment for Houston ISD, as the district hadn’t opened a comprehensive high school for 50 years. The school name was selected, Westside High School, school colors, blue, black and silver, along with the anticipated naming of the mascot. Westside Wolves was a unanimous choice.

Mr. Scott Van Beck was named the first Principal and he soon went to task to staff the school with the best or best teachers and coaches for a community who had waited and worked for the opportunity to welcome their new school.  Soon to join the staff was Lamar High School IB English Teacher, Ann Mahan. Mrs. Mahan was tasked with creating the Westside Yearbook.  The importance of this anticipated book cannot be overstated.  To become the historical record of Westside’s inaugural year, Mrs. Mahan and her staff  worked throughout the year and in the spring they published volume I of the Westside Canidae.

Every year sense, the Canidae staff has created a referable book, which tells the story of the year.  The goal each year is to publish a book that will stand the test of time. As Westside celebrates the 20th year, the Canidae staff will be out to photograph and record all things Westside.

Why “Canidae”?  Canidae is the latin word for wolf families.

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