Advice For Upcoming Seniors

Aya Safie, Writer

My senior year was probably one of the most unique and different out of all the years of high school. I have had a lot of challenges but also many lessons. A helpful way to assist upcoming seniors is to give advice about what to expect and how to help make it easier.  It was a chapter of something new and there are many things to learn which is why I want to give some advice to you.

During your senior year, it is one of the most difficult, and there are many things you must do, such as assignments, senior payments, and trying to get into colleges. These things are very significant, but there is also much more that you are expected to do. A piece of advice that will help throughout your senior year is to not procrastinate. If you procrastinate, you will fall back in all of your classes and eventually start failing which can lower your GPA. Everything has a consequence when you procrastinate, which is why this is the most crucial and life-changing advice someone can receive.

Your senior year will fly by which is why it is important to enjoy it and find balance in taking it seriously but also enjoying yourself. Your senior year is the last year of high school and you want it to mean something. School can be very over exhausting and this causes seniors to be unmotivated. An example of a way to balance school and enjoying it is doing your homework after school on Friday so you can hang out with your friends on Saturday. Senior year is the most exciting and thrilling year which is why you want to enjoy it at any given moment. A way to enjoy your senior year is to try something different, for example, joining a club or even making one. This can provide a fun way to make friends and provide a way to become less stressful during school and after.

I hope your senior year has many memories and many very exciting events. It is truly a year to remember!!!