Should Clubs be Required?


At Westside, clubs are varied and a few or more number of students go and attend their club, but a well number of students don’t have clubs for a number of reasons. For some, they don’t have a chance to go to their club likely because of their schedule, like tutorials. Two, the limits of their clubs choices if it were to fit into their schedule, and many more examples to add, but students should still have clubs as a requirement to improve skills such as social skills, being part of school activities, and express their hidden talents and passions more.girls in reading club

Clubs are a great way to be part of the schools activities and be more involved in the school society and school spirit. Clubs are also a great way to get extracurricular opportunities that normal classes don’t have. It will also benefit the student attending a club(s). Quote from Ms McEleven,”The kpop club is a great idea and clubs for those who like the music and culture to come together. I think clubs in general are a great way to give students the time to express their passion and love for the club and come together, and also of course, show more school involvement!”

Limitations to access of clubs will not be a worry because it will be during school, but for some, they might want more clubs if clubs were required and to fit to the student’s school schedule. How will that work? The clubs would alternate every week if having multiple clubs. This will be a great and effective way to attend your many clubs in moderation.

In conclusion, Clubs should be required for all students, to benefit them in the future and now. Clubs are and excellent choice to make and could make a student’s schedule more effective.